Transition to OCaml 3.11.1...

David MENTRE dmentre at
Mon Jul 6 17:03:39 UTC 2009

Hello Michael,

"Michael Bienia" <geser at> writes:

> What's the current plan for Ocaml in Karmic? Update to 3.11.1 or stay
> with 3.11.0?

I'm currently waiting for the end of transition to 3.11.1 in Debian
sid. Once done, we will collectively decide if we should make the same
transition in Karmic or not. 

The transition started the 24th of June (about 2 weeks ago). Currently
roughly half of the source packages have made the transition.

> I've seen that ocaml 3.11.1 is already in unstable and that some ocaml
> packages have a versioned build-dependency on it. I wanted to see if
> camlimages can be synced to karmic (because of the CVE fix) and got
> stopped by it. Should I try to apply the fix on camlimages in Karmic or
> wait for the transition?

Right, I forgot about this CVE impact on Karmic.

I *think* the fixed package could be recompiled with current ocaml
3.11.0 in Karmic but only a Debian developer could give you a definitive

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