Doing something about signal:noise complaints

Emmet Hikory persia at
Fri Jan 23 04:36:14 UTC 2009

Andrew Sayers wrote:
> Thank you for the detailed review.  I've made some changes based on it,
> which I'll explain below.
> I've tried to clean up the remainder of section 3 based on your
> feedback.  I'd appreciate any comments you have about what it's like now.

    My issues with section 3 were more that while I'm not reluctant to
use any of the methods in the latter set of questions, I just don't
think they are all different, and separate from best uses of this list.
 Of course, given the rationale for collecting the information, I've no
specific criticism of the form.

> I agree with most of your points about section 4 - I must confess the
> whole Ubuntu Member thing is a designation I'd forgotten all about.  The
> only point where I'd disagree is with unsubscribing.  It's an assumption
> to say that most subscribers have been around for a while, so I've added
> a question to test that very issue.  I've also changed the wording to
> ask whether people are likely to leave within 6 months, to test for
> people that are gradually becoming unhappy, but aren't on the brink of
> unsubscribing right at this minute.

    This section appears a lot more useful to me now.  Thanks for the

> Finally, I should point out that I've written a page describing some of
> the ways I intend to analyse the data.  If you're interested, it's at

    This is very helpful to understand the purpose of the questionnaire.
 Thank you for posting it.


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