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Intrepid+1 approaches-- is it too late to reconsider Empathy for inclusion?

I just tried the newest version of Empathy and things look a lot better!
File transfers now work and it picks up my webcam/mic!

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at>wrote:

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> Laurent Bigonville wrote on 08/08/08 21:12:
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> > Empathy[1] will be part of the upcoming GNOME 2.24 desktop.
> > The ubuntu desktop team considers using it instead of Pidgin for
> > intrepid as default IM client. If you are running intrepid, please give
> > empathy a test and report bugs to launchpad[2].
> >...
> To help in this decision, I have evaluated the usability of Empathy and
> Pidgin, and written up my findings.
> <>
> In summary, I suggest that Ubuntu continue using Pidgin by default for
> Intrepid, and that we reconsider Empathy for Intrepid+1.
> Empathy currently does a couple of big things Pidgin does not (audio and
> video chat), and handles one big feature much better than Pidgin (chat
> logging). But I found most features were more obvious in Pidgin,
> especially account setup, which is important for anyone who will start
> using IM in Intrepid. (And people who were already using either Empathy
> or Pidgin in a previous version of Ubuntu will continue using the same
> program in Intrepid anyway, regardless of our decision.)
> I found dozens of small learnability and efficiency problems in both
> programs, and I have not yet had time to report them all as bugs. If
> anyone would like to help out with this, especially in finding bugs that
> have already been reported, I'd greatly appreciate it. (Wherever the
> wiki page says "()", it needs a link to a bug report.)
> Cheers
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