too complicated

Richard Tattersall tatter_sall at
Wed Jan 7 15:12:33 UTC 2009

There is no need for an end user to use a CLI in a functioning ubuntu.  Installing almost everything is possibly graphically, the only real exception would be compiling from source, which is a rarely needed thing these days.

Personally I prefer doing most admin tasks via a CLI.  A GUI is easier if you arent sure of how to do something, as it enables you to fiddle around and hopefully stumble across what you need without too much research.  However clicking and waiting for dialog boxes to appear can get tedious.  A CLI is great if you already know how to do something, as all it takes is a few brief key presses to enter the command and its done.

CLI is also useful for support/guides, because rather than lots of "click here, then here, then here" all you need is to copy and paste commands in a terminal.

Im curious as to what you were trying to do in a terminal and what you found hard about it?  I bet there was probably a simpler/GUI way of doing it.  
Perhaps this suggests a problem with how ubuntu is documented for new users?

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>Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 16:53:17 -0500
>Subject: too complicated
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>I installed ubuntu and tried it out,but for average computer user its too 
>complicated too use and install software, most people dont know how to use a 
>command line.I wish ubuntu could compete with microsoft
>because i dont like microsoft,also nvidia card does not work in sli mode 
>with ubuntu 8.10

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