video card (intel) problems in jaunty

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Thu Feb 19 22:55:01 UTC 2009

>> Is it a problem of the drivers or of the server?

>>What is the ubuntu policy about this? I see that there are many bugs 
about uxa on launchpad. Is it possible to do a forward port of the old 
drivers (if they are the problem?). Otherwise, as usual I would prefer
clear statement: is it just a known problem in ubuntu, and there is 
nobody who can do anything about that? That is: is this a know 
regression which must be left in the stable release?




I'm aware of the issue with Intel 865 chipsets, which is what I'm
currently running.
I attempted to test Jaunty A3 and 4 the other day and found out that
currently, i865 chipsets are not working.

Yet I can't understand why because I've never had any issues with
previous versions of Ubuntu. It's obviously something to do with the new
Hopefully, it gets sorted before it goes gold. Otherwise, we'll be stuck
with Intrepid for the time being.


Chris Jones <chrisjones at>

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