Installation fails: how to know why? + Audio and video card problems in jaunty

Christopher Halse Rogers chalserogers at
Wed Feb 18 21:08:59 UTC 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 6:24 AM, Vincenzo Ciancia <ciancia at> wrote:
> An even worse problem is with the video card (i955): Xorg is *extremely*
> slow, with or without compiz. This appeared also in the very first
> alpha, but I thought it was due to some in-progress migration and forgot
> about it. Then I had no time to test anymore. Is this known? Are there
> workarounds?

This is known by the X team, but I'm not sure what they're planning to
do about it.  Switching on UXA[1] will probably make it fast again,
although it might introduce rendering glitches or just fail to bring
up X at all.


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