Notable Changes to Jaunty's PulseAudio

Dan Chen crimsunkg at
Sun Feb 15 23:36:13 UTC 2009

Hi all,

This morning's upload of PulseAudio to jaunty makes two notable changes for the desktop user:

Firstly, autospawn is now enabled, which means that if the daemon is not running when the first client attempts to connect, it will be executed automatically. This step tests a workaround for the daemon ABENDing while we further debug the root cause. The impact of this change is that PulseAudio users who have desktop environments other than GNOME running may experience some nondeterministic behaviour for the default capture and playback devices when the daemon initially autospawns. Please report any such issues using the Launchpad bug tracker.

Secondly, we have globally disabled glitch-free to work around a number of driver bugs that do not seem addressable within the jaunty development span. This change reverts PulseAudio behaviour to rely on the driver's interrupt-based buffering semantics, which appear to be more stable for a significant number of jaunty testers. If you would like to reenable glitch-free, edit /etc/pulse/ and change:

load-module module-hal-detect tsched=0
load-module module-hal-detect

Again, please report regressions from the existing jaunty PulseAudio package using the Launchpad bug tracker.

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