Subject: Alt-SysReq-K in some cases nonfunctional

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Sun Feb 15 19:23:54 UTC 2009

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> Subject: Alt-SysReq-K in some cases nonfunctional.
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> Dane,
>    Please see my bug-report on launchpad filed as
>    Additionally,
>    Could someone please explain to me what REISUB is? I have never heard
> this term before, and as I said before, I am a programmer by trade, with
> better than just basic knowledge about operating systems and such, so I am a
> bit thrown off.

It does work but doesn't necessarily do anything obvious until the
shutdown or reboot key is pressed.  If you are connecting with a
serial console (not just SSH) from a different system then the
messages are displayed.  However, not all systems shut down or reboot
depending on the type of fault or BIOS/ACPI bugs.

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