CAB loss, fake logins etc

Alan Pope alan at
Sun Feb 15 10:06:33 UTC 2009

2009/2/15 Alex Cockell <alcockell at>:
> Umm -please forgive me, but you mention that removing the
> Ctrl-Alt-Backspace three-key-salute was proposed for removal two years
> ago...  Has this been made absolutely clear to preinstall manufacturers
> in time for them to print new manuals?

This discussion is about disabling CAB in a _future_ release of Ubuntu
such as the upcoming Jaunty (to be 9.04). As far as I am aware all
system integrators currently install existing supported released
versions of Ubuntu, not the unreleased development version. When they
switch to the new version (after release) then surely they need to put
in some effort to update their documentation in various areas,
possibly including this one.

> My laptop has been set up by my vendor to accept mainstream updates, but
> only offer Major Stable OS upgrades (I believe this is the intention of
> LTS releases?)  I believe the next one is 9.10, correct?

You didn't mention which version of Ubuntu you are currently on. If
it's 8.04 (which is an LTS release) then by default you are right, you
wont get prompted for a release upgrade until the next LTS release
which as I understand it will be 10.04 at the earliest.


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