CAB loss, fake logins etc

Alex Cockell alcockell at
Sun Feb 15 07:57:57 UTC 2009

Hi folks 

Umm -please forgive me, but you mention that removing the
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace three-key-salute was proposed for removal two years
ago...  Has this been made absolutely clear to preinstall manufacturers
in time for them to print new manuals?  

Also - I am running 8.04LTS, and I bought this Thinkpad preinstalled.  I
*would not know* that this was coming up if I had not subscribed to this
list.  What about people who simply *use* their IdeaPad or Dell unit,
and have chosen Ubuntu over Windows based on lack of on-cost (not having
to spend out every year on AV, antispyware etc)?  

Could C-A-Bx2-leading-to-ncurses (umm - ncurses is text-based?)-dialog
or *some* other intuitive option be enabled and clearly explained
through user communication?  Otherwise you'll see IRC and Ubuntuforums
explode with "WTF" type responses.

I refer to "intuitive" as "intuitive to people just coming into the
Linux community"...

My laptop has been set up by my vendor to accept mainstream updates, but
only offer Major Stable OS upgrades (I believe this is the intention of
LTS releases?)  I believe the next one is 9.10, correct?

Please consider us end-users when making these changes...


Alex Cockell
Reading, Berks, UK
alcockell at

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