Please don't remove C-A-B

Alex Cockell alcockell at
Fri Feb 13 08:24:00 UTC 2009

Hi folks, 

Speaking as a newish end-user of Ubuntu - please don't remove

It does mean that if apps hang badly enough - I can get back into my
machine by bouncing X if ps-aux/grep/kill fails to work.  Also - on a
laptop (in my case, a Thinkpad R61i), for Alt/Sysrq/K, this would mean
Alt/FN/PrtSc/K.... Ctral-Alt-Backspace is close enough to
Ctrl-Alt-Delete to be relatively easy to translate back (I support XP
and Citrix at work)

Might the objections be from ex-Windows users who are expecting a
TaskManager option to be available to them (C-A-D, click taskman, go in
and kill offending process)?

Just a comment from one of the end-users out there.



Alex Cockell
Reading, Berks, UK
alcockell at

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