Is disabling ctrl-alt-backspace really such a good idea? - no.

Onno Benschop onno at
Fri Feb 13 02:38:38 UTC 2009

On 13/02/09 10:41, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> Okay, I have been reading this thread from the beginning. It seems like
> those making the most noise are the same individuals with the knowledge
> and ability to easily add the ability to use C-A-B back. Why should the
> thousands who do not need the ability be forced to have it to make it
> easier for the few that want it to be able to use it? 
> Do you not customize your systems? This is just a very quick fix to
> re-enable the keypresses for yourselves. The many thousands who could
> care less are not even on the mailing list.

Have we got actual evidence that "the thousands who do not need the
ability" actually have a problem with C-A-B, or are we having this
debate just because there are a few who *think* there is a problem?

Just because it can happen, doesn't mean that it does - or have we just
received a spate of bug reports from users who lost data when they
pressed C-A-B?

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