[strawman] Make Launchpad Extract Patches

Joseph Smidt josephsmidt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 17:49:33 UTC 2009


	I would post this to a launchpad devel list, but I didn't see one.

	I think many people, especially upstream, would be benefited if
Launchpad would provide download links to patches in addition to the
orig tarball, .dsc and .diff.  It is much harder digging through those
files to search for patches then to just have a download link to the
patches themselves.

	People could still use their own patch system when they make .deb
packages, but if Launchpad had a way of extracting the patches used it
could be really helpful.

Use case examples:
1. Bob likes a patch available in Ubuntu, but not all of them, he easily
downloads the one he wants without having to do any more work.
2. Alice, from upstream, can easily monitor all the patches in Ubuntu
for here package at any time she wants.  Sure, she can dig through her
emails trying to find all the patches that good Ubuntu devs *always*
make sure to send her, but now she can just log into launchpad and boom,
there all there ready to be perused.

Extra Kudos if you could have a download section that records patches
found in other distros and upstream, for the obvious reason.

			Joseph Smidt

Joseph Smidt <josephsmidt at gmail.com>
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