Any news on skype+pulseaudio+intel_hda_realtek ?

Dan Chen crimsunkg at
Tue Feb 10 21:13:44 UTC 2009

--- On Tue, 2/10/09, Felipe Figueiredo <philsf79 at> wrote:
> I just join the choir in the PulseAudio argument, in that
> it was
> introduced (IMHO) in Ubuntu 6 months ahead of schedule.

Even if it were introduced prematurely[0], there is no sense in
backing it out as a default in 8.04.3. What *does* make sense is
to fix the highest priority issues plaguing it. If we can't
resolve them outright (since, well, that approach requires
backporting alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, and adobe-flashplugin at the
least, and *that* process would be painstaking), we can try
working around them.

I have a hardy branch[1] that has tracked such necessary changes
and that could do with testing. Feel free to branch and bang on

Remember that integration is *hard* </barbie>. It always seems
easier when you're on the finger-pointing side instead of the
StableReleaseUpdates side.


[0] It wasn't introduced prematurely; it wasn't integrated
fully. That's what Lennart decries - an incomplete solution.
Obviously we can improve on that front.



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