Any news on skype+pulseaudio+intel_hda_realtek ?

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Tue Feb 10 14:13:51 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 00:53 +1100, Null Ack wrote:

> So in essence Scott, due to what you've highlighted as a lack of
> testing input during the pre production lifecycle phases, your
> suggesting that end users should endure the brunt of testing? As
> Ubuntu needs to move forward rapidly, being cutting edge and cant be
> so highly concerned with the risk of regressions?
We very much rely on our early adopters, who track our development
releases, to perform testing.

That's been very much Ubuntu's model from the start, and continues to
be.  While a discussion about alternative testing models would be
interesting, it wouldn't be on-topic for this particular thread.

Right now, those complaining about PulseAudio are running jaunty.  This
is a release of Ubuntu that is in development.  Rather than complaining,
those early adopters would do better to file _good_ bug reports:

Yes, we won't get to every single bug report filed; there are many tens
of thousands more users testing jaunty early than there are developers
who can fix the bugs.

But by receiving lots of good quality ones, our QA team will be able to
identify the most important issues and we will be able to assign
appropriate developers to look at them.

Other bug reports can be collated as feedback to our upstreams; most
likely the kernel, but occasionally the PulseAudio author.

We are not Microsoft, and this is not Windows.  The Operating System you
are using is very much still in development, and you are participating
in that development process.

Every six monthly release sees major changes in core subsystems such as
video, audio and input.  Sometimes this will cause a regression or
breakage for a subset of users.

The important thing is that:

 1) they do not need to upgrade, the release they are using is supported
    for a further year at least!

 2) provided good bug reports are filed by those who can do so, there
    are good chances that the regression will be fixed by the next
    release - which is only 6 months away!

For those that need utmost stability, we have Long Term Support releases
every couple of years; we put extra effort into bug fixing for these,
and try to avoid any large subsystem changes.

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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