[RFC] Improve communication with testing users about master key changes in development branches

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Thu Feb 5 19:42:47 UTC 2009

Olá Dan e a todos.

On Thursday 05 February 2009 19:32:27 Dan Chen wrote:
> --- On Thu, 2/5/09, (``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo <ubuntu at bugabundo.net> wrote:
> > I mean the going away of the old alsa controls that opened
> > from the audio applet.
> So you'd like documented the changes in Desktop components.

Not all changes are at the Desktop level, but yes, those are the more visible

> > Maybe I wasnt clear here:
> > This is not meant FOR Devs, but for testers and users.
> > Of course this information should be filled by the
> > maintainers of the packages or who makes the changes.
> If you're volunteering, feel free!

I already do.
I spend huge amounts of time, testing new versions, helping new users, filling bugs, triaging existing reports...
But on this subject I'm at a mist... I dont know what YOU as a dev for PA and ALSA know.
So when you guys picked from upstream this new way to make Ubuntu handle sound properties you knew what your were doing... I dont. I jut got the result, without any *extra* info on how to use it other then try-&-error.
See what I mean? We need some tiny bit of intel on how to benefit from the new changes , _or else_ the all distro just gets yours complaining 'cause they dont know what to do with the tools that they already knew with the old ones.

Some times a single one-liner at a wikipage or email is more then enough for users/testers (who actually care to read/follow/search) know whats up.
I just did that with the new X HUGE Fonts bug. I read about the change in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/TechnicalOverview
"Font sizes may be abnormally small or large on monitors which mis-report their capabilities. If you suspect this may be the case, please see X/Troubleshooting/HugeFonts for steps to troubleshoot this issue. "
and wasnt caught by surprise... ok I was, I only read the email *after* the package upgrade. But I better know something, sometime that none at all.

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