Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Dec 18 12:44:16 UTC 2009

Jordan Mantha [2009-12-17 13:15 -0500]:
> I would suggest that Ubuntu uses bzr primarily because Canonical
> created bzr and not because it was far and away the greatest DVCS
> out there at the time. 

But it was! Ever tried to use tla? It was almost as complicated as git
(SCNR), slow, and far from being well-known/widespread.

At "that time", DVCS were a pretty new thing in practical development

> Interestingly, it actually seemed a lot easier when everybody was
> using SVN and we just got to pick which *-svn we used. :-)

Except that svn is not distributed, and didn't even have branches, so
it's utterly useless for the things we are trying to achieve here :-)

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