is anyone ever going to fix this major bug?

Brendan Miller catphive at
Thu Dec 10 00:39:33 UTC 2009

Ohhkay. I've always been pretty unclear on exactly what packages I
needed to get 32 bit compat for various programs. There's a script
that's been floating around in the forums forever that automatically
downloads 32 bit dependencies for a third party program on a 64 bit


It would be handy if something like this was officially supported as
part of ubuntu, btw. Getting all the dependencies necessary to run 3rd
party software (adobe air, skype, vmware, etc) is one of the bigger
annoyances I have when setting up a new install.

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 11:29 AM, C de-Avillez <hggdh2 at> wrote:
> Brendan Miller wrote:
>> Ah, Ok. I haven't updated any of my systems to 9.10, so I didn't
>> realize that 32 bit compatibility had been removed... Given that, I
>> probably just won't update since it would break adobe air and all my
>> third party stuff...
> I am afraid there is a misunderstanding here. 32bit compatibility has
> *not* been removed -- it is provided by the 'ia32-libs' and
> 'ia32-sun-java6-bin' packages, on both Jaunty and Karmic.
> On the other hand, if you have third-party packages, nothing is certain.
> The best course for you is to contact the third-party providers, and
> enquire about compatibility with Karmic (or about a Karmic version).
> The 'ia32-libs-tools' package is to be used by those needing to
> *transform* an existing 64bit library package (and *not* provided by the
> two packages above) into a 32bit one. I would expect that most of the
> Ubuntu 64bit users do not need this tool.
> Anyway. I found what seems to be the latest (and last) 'ia32-libs-tools'
> in Debian [1]. Obviously, I do not know how long it will survive there,
> since it has been dropped.
> Cheers,
> ..C..
> [1]

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