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James Hogarth james.hogarth at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 10:03:53 UTC 2009

Well over here carried out 2 upgrades and 2 fresh installs so far. Couple of
minor issues but nothing bug worthy. We use nVidia cards and dual monitors -
had the 'cannot parse xorg.conf' documented issue when configuring twinview
(simple enough to sort out). Also had an issue with filesystem performance
on ext3 and ext4 with ordered journaling and grails (groovy on rails) which
caused ~50% I/Owait on running tests and consequently very slow performance.
Tests running took 4x as long as on jaunty.... Mounting with a writeback
journal and noatimes brought performance back in line. Given these were
desktops the possible loss in FS reliability on crash is an acceptable
tradeoff for the reduced testing time or else productivity takes a big hit.

2009/12/8 Paul Smith <paul at mad-scientist.us>

> On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 11:07 +0800, Tim Hawkins wrote:
> > I dont know if it is relevant, but looking at the specs of the two
> > "unstable" machines listed in the article, both had nVidia chipsets
> >
> > The one machine (netbook) that they said worked perfectly had an Intel
> > Graphics chipset.
> >
> > Given the amount of discussion relating to problems with the nVidia
> > drivers in Karmic, could this be a factor in this review.?
> One never knows, of course, but FYI I have one system at home with an
> Intel graphics chipset, and two systems at work both with Nvidia cards
> using the proprietary drivers (both have dual monitors attached).
> All three work just fine in Karmic, and have from the beginning (no
> upgrade issues to speak of).
> We've upgraded probably about 15 systems at work and only two problems:
> one was that the screensaver enabled during the upgrade and, since that
> person was mounting their home directory over NFS and it tried to
> restart NFS, badness happened so that we couldn't get rid of the
> screensaver by hand, and it was putting up a dialog asking about
> overwriting some file.  I had to C-A-F1, login there, and kill it; the
> upgrade finished just fine from there.  The other I'm not sure what
> happened: they did it while I wasn't around :-)
> I did see a problem on my system at home (Intel graphics) when I had the
> screensaver set to "Random": my kernel panicked twice in one day while I
> was away from my desk.  I switched back to "Blank" which is what I
> always use anyway, and haven't seen a single glitch since.  I'm assuming
> there're one or more bugs still in the Intel driver WRT GL graphics or
> similar.
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