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Mon Apr 27 08:24:51 UTC 2009

2009/4/27 Lars Wirzenius <lars at>:
> su, 2009-04-26 kello 21:41 -0500, solaris manzur kirjoitti:
>> i agree about replacing xsane by gnome-scan
> Are we talking about flegita? (There is no gnome-scan package in jaunty,
> and I can't find a command by that name.)
> Flegita doesn't find my scanner, which is attached to another computer,
> and shared across the network with the net backend of SANE.
> I currently prefer gscan2pdf for scanning. It is quite streamlined to
> use, and pretty easy to get started with.
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Well, it actually is in the repositories, but uses the name gnomescan
instead. That is a metapackage for the libraries and the Flegita GUI.
It seems to do the job well with my scanner and look better than
XSane. I'd seriously consider it for the next release. If we want to
focus on appearance with that release we should also pick applications
that look good.

Sense Hofstede

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