Tablet PC under ubuntu - a call to xorg and ubuntu developers

Sebastian Breier Sebastian.Breier at
Mon Sep 29 14:13:54 UTC 2008

Am Montag, den 29.09.2008, 16:06 +0200 schrieb Vincenzo Ciancia:
> On lun, 2008-09-29 at 15:43 +0200, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > there will surely be ways to have
> > SRUs for intrepid, especially if it comes to hardware support these
> > are
> > desired, but the core focus in the mobile will be to get all
> > touchscreens and tablets fixed and with proper gui calibration tools
> > in
> > jaunty, not intrepid
> Developers please, please please read this, it's not polemic, it's
> desperate:
> Now  my tablet PC is working with the hacked xorg.conf I posted. I don't
> really want to struggle to leave things as they are: if there will be no
> way to configure a tablet pc in intrepid I will have no possibility to
> escape. I repeat that many bugs related to my hardware have been fixed
> in intrepid so it makes no sense to drop support to the most important
> one: the tablet. 

I don't want to sound overly negative, but why are You bringing this up
now? We're 5 of 6 months into development, behind feature freeze, behind
beta freeze. Changing XOrg for tablet users may break many things for
others, and is a task that will pull enormous developer time at this

Don't misunderstand me, while I'm no tablet PC owner/user, I would very
much like to see Ubuntu 8.10 on these. I just want You to understand
that it's *very* late, maybe too late, to get it done.

Of course, this does not mean we have to stop doing something about
it. :-)

	Sebastian Breier.
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