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Tue Sep 23 10:48:14 UTC 2008

Olá Evan e a todos.

On Tuesday 23 September 2008 08:45:19 Evan Dandrea wrote:
> With beta freeze quickly approaching, I have been trying to iron out
> the remaining issues in usb-creator, but there have been very few bug
> reports to date.  If you have a USB stick that you're not using for
> important work and have a few moments, I would greatly appreciate it
> if you installed the usb-creator package (currently at 0.1.4) and
> tested it with an Ubuntu or Kubuntu Desktop CD or ISO file.

I'm sorry for not having reported this earlier, but I did give it a test last week, with a daily cd iso and a 8GiBs pendrive, and it got stuck at 8%.
It stood there for more then 30 mins with the pen light blinking.
Only a file was created on the pen, but i cant remember its name (syslinux or something like that)
I tried it several times and even tried to make it verbose, but got nothing.

I also saw files being created on /tmp/, and I was afraid I would run out of space on that partition (only had 1GiB free). I dont know what that temp file is used, but if I tried the DVD iso and the temp file grew that much I would have ended without free disk. Please let me know if it does.

I'll try to test it today again with the most up to date version and a daily CD iso.

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