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First, I'm sorry for the cross posting, but this subject concerns both areas.

I've been attending several distros users meeting this last year, and had my last one at OpenSuse ENOS08 [1].
In every meeting I go, I keep hearing that Ubuntu/Canonical does not help the GNU/Linux ecosystem by providing patchs.
Me, and other Ubunteros present, always try to show that that is not true, and show them several examples of what is being done.
Just this week, I emailed OpenSuse-pt users list showing an kernel patch example and a possible reason for why they dont see many Ubuntu entries: lots of the Core DEVs use their employer's email, Canonical.

Then a user replied back with [2]. As I was reading I noticed the ironic way the writer was using, and I would like to know if this is FUD, or if actually Ubuntu/Canonical FOSS ecosystem is as small as those numbers show.

Thanks in advance, and lets keep making the best FOSS OS, the best it can be.

[1] http://pt.opensuse.org/Eventos/ENOS
[2] http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/lpc_2008_keynote.html

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