Making Canonical's/Ubuntu's contributions more visible

Przemek Kulczycki przemekkulczycki at
Mon Sep 22 13:38:46 UTC 2008

2008/8/28 Przemysław Kulczycki <przemekkulczycki at>:
> A recent LWN article has picked up the issue of Ubuntu's contributions
> to FLOSS:
> Check it out.
> Also I'm reminding you that the UbuntuContributions page is still open
> for additional content:
> Feel free to add anything you see fit.

This topic has flown up again with a recent OSnews article:

So I'm reminding everyone about the above wiki page - maybe there is
something that's been developed for Intrepid that could be mentioned
on this page?
Przemysław Kulczycki
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