Firefox newly insists on showing an EULA

Przemysław Kulczycki przemekkulczycki at
Tue Sep 16 17:43:58 UTC 2008

Remco pisze:
>> Giving out CDs for an early celebration of Software Freedom Day
>> yesterday, we were asked *very* often if Ubuntu had a web browser.
>> "Yes, Firefox" "Oh good, I use that on Windows."
>> #1: Same response, and they're used to click-throughs anyway
>> #2: We'd have to explain all the trademark stuff and they'd be wondering
>> why we're changing Firefox (hey, why is that anyway?), why anyone cares,
>> etc. having to go more into the messy legal stuff.
> Or you say: Yes, it's Firefox with a few improvements such as
> security, plugin-manager, and no nag screens.

Exactly. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must
be a duck.
Iceweasel will be the same duck for ordinary users as Firefox.
The browser's startpage could explain that this browser is based on
Firefox and works just like Firefox. Browser's user agent string could
be amended with "(based on Firefox)" to make sure that sites created by
lame webmasters (using browser checks) would work just like in Firefox.
See what's Flock doing, BTW.
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