libpam-modules patch pam_group for NSS groups

Edward Murrell edward at
Mon Sep 8 03:41:17 UTC 2008

Hi, I've written a patch to allow the use of NSS groups in pam_group. Is
this a good place to submit it? The patch is for 8.04/hardy package.

I wrote the patch so I can pull in groups on a ad-hoc basis for each
machine, while still leveraging the LDAP infrastructure.

For example, /etc/security/group.conf might have the following options for
a developers server to give developers more options;

ssh;*;%unixadmins; Al0000-2400; adm,fuse,sudoadmin
ssh;*;%developers; Al0000-2400; adm,tomcat,www-data

Or on a desktop box, automagically allow people in the desktop to use the
local devices (I think you can do this already with '*' for the third
gdm;:0;%desktopusers; Al0000-2400; audio,plugdev,lpadmin,scanner,video

Edward Murrell
edward at

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