Midnight Commander in 8.10

Christopher James Halse Rogers chalserogers at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 06:08:34 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 01:26 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2008/10/30 12:41 (GMT+1000) Chris Jones composed:
> > And as mentioned already, anyone who uses mc will probably not be using
> > it off a live cd anyway.
> Any time I boot a Knoppix CD it's a virtual certainty that the first thing I
> do once it finishes booting is start MC. I boot Knoppix to fix things, and MC
> is my main tool for generic fixing. A live CD without MC is like a tool chest
> that contains no wrench or socket that fits the most common bolt sizes, and
> no fitsall wrenches either.

Except the Ubuntu Desktop CD isn't intended as a recovery disc.  A
Knoppix CD (which doesn't have the constraint that it should give a
preview of a full Ubuntu install) is full of useful recovery programs.

You appear to be complaining that the Ubuntu live CD isn't a good
recovery disc, which is a reasonable statement.  It's not really
intended to be, so your follow up "so you should add some things to make
it a good recovery disc" *isn't* a reasonable request when the CD is
already full.  If there were space enough to allow us to ship a Desktop
CD that was both a full Ubuntu install *and* a good recovery disc, you
could reasonably argue that we should ship mc on there.  However there
simply *isn't* enough space; the Desktop CD is an endless fight to fit
onto a CD.  Even if Midnight Commander could automatically fix every
problem that could ever occur on any system, it *still* wouldn't get on
the Desktop CD as a recovery tool!
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