Peteris Krisjanis pecisk at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 11:29:12 UTC 2008

Even, please report bug to Launchpad and then provide link here, so
someone can check it out asap and start to work on it.

Just a question about first bug - sound is crackly, but do you manage
to get sound from Totem or Rhythmbox and cracking only comes over it?
Or there is just clicks and nothing else. I also suggest you to check
Volume Control (Right click on speaker icon in top right coner) and
see volume levels for Master and PCM.

Mortigi tempo,

2008/10/9 Evan Billy <uroshinato at gmail.com>:
> Here are some bugs I have found in the kernel (if it helps)
> 1. my sound is crackly, when a sound is supposed to play it just plays
> crackles
> 2. the new kernel has some kind of booting problem or error on my computer;
> it displays what it is doing and I have to press enter multiple times to get
> it started.
> 3. The new network manager wont work for me. It worked when i upgraded, but
> now it will not recognize my Internet connection.
> -Evan
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