Request for updating libnet-sip-perl and libio-socket-ssl-perl

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Oct 16 14:53:47 UTC 2008

Hi Steffen,

Steffen Ullrich [2008-09-22 22:31 +0200]:
> I'm the author and maintainer of the Net::SIP perl module.
> You ship with hardy a version 0.39, which isn't the newest.
> In the mean time a lot of bugs got fixed so that it would
> be a good idea to update it.

Intrepid has newer versions of those (0.45.3-1 and 1.13-1). We don't
generally put new versions into stable releases. Instead, we backport
specific patches to fix important bugs (see [1]). Is there anything we
should particularly fix in hardy?

> Because I'm using ubuntu myself I would be willing to help
> maintaining these packages or maintain them myself.

Thank you for the offer! So far we didn't really "maintain" those
packages in Ubuntu, because they "just work" (which is really a credit
to your Debian maintenance :) ). So a great thing for you to do is to
poke Ubuntu to sync a new version of these packages if you upload
something important to Debian, if the DebianImportFreeze is over for
the current development release. Preferred method is to file a sync
request ("requestsync" script in the ubuntu-dev-tools package), or
just ask on #ubuntu-devel or this list.

Thank you!


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