No inverse searches for dvi files in ubuntu - please read!

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Oct 5 00:37:56 UTC 2008

On Saturday 04 October 2008 12:00, Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> Il giorno sab, 04/10/2008 alle 09.48 -0400, Scott Kitterman ha scritto:
> > I understand your frustration.  There just isn't a good answer that
> > will
> > satisfy everyone for Intrepid.  If we'd stayed with KDE 3 (as Debian
> > is
> > doing for Lenny), I think even more people would have been unhappy.
> I see that only two packages are missing in intrepid: kviewshell and
> kdvi itself. I took a look at the build-depends of both of them and even
> if I would have to check in detail, it seems to me that the only kde
> dependency is kdelibs4-dev which is in intrepid, this is confirmed by
> the fact that the two binary packages can be installed in intrepid (and
> work well) without any other hardy dependency. If so perhaps these two
> packages may be added back to intrepid without the whole kde.
> Vincenzo

The problem is that they were part of the kdegraphics package and do not 
appear in the KDE 4 version of kdegraphics.  If there's a separate tarball 
available, then I suppose it might be possible.  I bit of Googling on my part 
didn't find one.

Scott K

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