Data loss with trash in intrepid?

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu Oct 2 11:15:25 UTC 2008

Hi, yesterday I lost all my important data using intrepid. I have a
backup so no problem on this side - I just lost some little bit of work.

I am now trying to understand how this happened and need an opinion from
somebody who knows how gnome work - to see if I can reproduce an
eventual bug or it's just a series of coincidences.

I kept all of my file in a directory in the destkop, very stupid - now I
see it - but very comfortable when you want to copy all your things in a
shot - and see if it doesn't work!

I must have pressed DEL by mistake on my keyboard with the desktop
focused, and deleted the directory. I probably turned my laptop off
immediately after, or more likely it was hibernated. However, I found a
directory with the same name in the trash.

Now the shocking thing: that directory in the trash is empty. If the
procedure to delete a directory in gnome is just to rename it, then this
may be a - very serious - kernel bug, possibly related to
suspend/hibernate. If there is something more complicated, well... the
question to you all is: "is there something more complicated than a
rename, to delete a directory in gome, where with 'delete' I mean move
to trash by pressing DEL"?

Thanks to everybody who will want to shed light on this.


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