What are the release dates of Ubuntu 8.10.x

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at gmx.net
Sun Nov 30 17:58:18 UTC 2008


Siegfried-Angel wrote:
> 2008/11/30 Francesco Fumanti <francesco.fumanti at gmx.net>:
>> I assumed that every Ubuntu release had stable version updates like
>> GNOME. Thanks for telling me that it is only the case for the LTS releases.
> They have, but they are downloaded and installed when you update your
> system after installing it. There are only new versions of the CD for
> LTS versions, as they are used for more time and so the amount of
> stable release updates is usually more huge than for other versions
> (so updated CDs are provided from time to time so that if you install
> from there you don't need to download that much updates after that).

It seems that I used the words "stable release updates" in a wrong way. 
So lets try to rewrite how I understand the answers that I got:

- Important updates will be made available through the repositories for 
all Ubuntu releases, obviously with a change in the version of the 
updated package; but without a change in the version of Ubuntu. (during 
the time period of support)

- Moreover, for the LTS releases, there will also be new versions of the 
CD and when this is the case, the micro number of the Ubuntu version 
will be increased (for example the "1" for Ubuntu 8.04.1 will be 
increased to "2" when the new CD arrives).

- For non-LTS releases there will not be any new version where only the 
micro-number is increased. (For example for Ubuntu 8.10.0 there will 
never be an Ubuntu 8.10.1; or in other words a new CD) The next change 
in the version numbers will only happen after 6 months when the next 
Ubuntu appears. (That is Ubuntu Ubuntu 9.04.0 if I continue with the 
8.10.0 example.)



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