nscd frequent assertion failure...

Daniel J Blueman daniel.blueman at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 12:54:18 UTC 2008

glibc 2.8's name-service cache daemon (nscd) is seeing frequent
assertion failure [1], at least in Ubuntu 8.10, due to internal
consistency checks failing (memory object misalignment). Right now in
the 8.10 Intrepid cycle, this is 100% of the crashes I've had over the
last week's workflow.

Since nscd is not installed by default on many distros, this isn't
getting the minimum exposure and attention to get addressed, sadly.
I've been unable to find any fixed/unfixed bug reports, and I've
tracked this with valgrind [2].

Is anyone else seeing this, and has any suggestions about the best way forward?

On a related note, (at least) all debian-derived distros disable
host-caching, due to another issue [3], still not resolved.

Any suggestions?

--- [1]

nscd: mem.c:335: gc: Assertion `off_alloc <= db->head->first_free' failed.

--- [2]


--- [3]

Daniel J Blueman

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