Thoughts about EXT4 optional in Jaunty Development & questions about Plymouth

Dean Loros autocrosser1 at
Mon Nov 24 00:07:27 UTC 2008

I am active at ubuntuforums in the testing/development support area & 
there has been a fair amount of talk in the following thread:

As EXT4 has just been termed "stable", is there a possibility that it 
can be included as optional ?  A use request/bugreport is filed at:

A fair amount of testing users (myself included) are ready to include 
EXT4 in their systems for testing use & I would think that this would be 
a ideal time in the cycle to testdrive the filesystem that I believe 
will be the standard within the next year or so.

On another topic:

There has been talk in the testing group about Plymouth & possible 
replacement of Usplash...IMO Plymouth provides a better user experience 
due to a "more" seamless blending of Grub, Kernel boot & GDM. I realize 
that there could be "issues" with this, but it could also net a more 
positive user experience .

Please look at: &

Thank you for your time.
Dean Loros

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