[strawman] partual support of apps for policykit for Jaunty

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Sorry for the longggg subject, but it says it all:
This is one of those next-release subjects that keeps coming. Is there any interests in discussing on the UDS and starting patching most used apps (mostly editors) so that when required they escalate privileges and ask the user (if s/he is on the sudoers/policykit group) for his/her password?

The main advantage of this is that both new users and experience users dont need to close the app, and reopen as sudo/gksu, and that new users will stop asking why they cant write to /etc or xpto.
On the other hand, new users will be able to trash their system a bit faster.
The secure way, would be to TEACH them. Having a button leading them to local help files (not everyone is online) telling what is the difference and how to escalate privileges.
For the advance users, a setting on policykit, could replace that button with the one to choose the user to authenticate.

Thanks for your time.


cross emailing since some devs are no longer on devel-discuss. feel free to reply here.
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