Very bad status of hardware (especially wifi) support in ubuntu, due to the too many accumulated regressions

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Mon Nov 10 10:13:25 UTC 2008

John McCabe-Dansted ha scritto:

> OTOH hand this means that the drivers together cover more than 85%.
> Would it perhaps be worth making both drivers easily available on the
> same kernel?
> I guess ideally we would scan the CVS automatically compiling each
> module, and identify the exact revision that caused the regression.

In the case of intel, that would have meant letting us the choice to use 
"i810" for xorg and "ipw3945" for wifi also in hardy and intrepid. 
"i810" does not recognise my card anymore if I try to use it manually. 
Intel has deprecated both drivers but someone should go there and ask 
them why they maintain their linux driver at a much lower level than 
their windows ones. If official representatives of ubuntu go there we 
have some chances. If normal users like me ask better support on linux, 
they get ignored. In the meantime, yes, I think that ubuntu should have 
left ipw3945 and i810 working on the hardware they supported - but maybe 
for ipw3945 it was not feasible. For i810, it still is, don't know why 
it does not want to recognise my card.

For VGA out I really think I've not seen any recent laptop taking it 
right on ubuntu, we are far beyond the 15% here I think but without a 
serious analysis we can't know.


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