Wacom tablets, TabletPC and Xorg support for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at cc.hut.fi
Mon Nov 10 08:13:00 UTC 2008

On Sun, 9 Nov 2008, Loïc Martin wrote:

> I contacted upstream, and their answer can be found at:
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=167e8a330811070926n3024605m7bd7baa6e24bfedf%40mail.gmail.com
> Here is an extract:
>> Hotplugg is a server-wide issue. It will be resolved for all input devices
>> in Xorg, not just for Wacom devices.
> So what is Xorg going to do about wacom devices support, and how can we
> make sure that, after one year, this support (or a distribution
> solution) will at least make it into Jaunty?
> Loïc

Seems like he didn't understand your question. "Resolved for all input 
devices" means input-hotplug which is used as you know.. The problem is 
just that wacomdrv doesn't have the options or infrastructure to configure 
stylus/eraser/pad all in one go. HAL/input-hotplug/xserver can't do that 
for the driver.

Seems like some work is happening, but so far no comments from Ping:



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