Very bad status of hardware (especially wifi) support in ubuntu, due to the too many accumulated regressions

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+ocaml at
Sun Nov 9 21:39:49 UTC 2008

Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:

> The problems with intel wifi cards are various and many keep existing in 
> intrepid - many times in the past also with other laptops, with intel 
> 2100-2200 cards I've not been able to connect to the network.

I have a Dell laptop with an Intel 2200BG which has worked flawlessly
under Dapper, Edgy, Feisty, Gutsy, Hardy and now Intrepid. This is a
machine that is constantly moving between networks (home, office, freinds'
places, etc) and switching between wired and wireless connection. On
this machine, the wifi interface is not noticably less stable than the 
wired conenction.

My wife has a Dell laptop (currently running Hardy and running Feisty
before that) with 2100 wifi. This one isn't flawless. About once a month
it will loose its mind and need to be kicked by doing "/etc/init.d/networking
restart" but its definitely more than adequate.

I am not downplaying your problems, just suggesting that the problems
you are seeing are not as widespread as you suggest.

> Intrepid is a pain also for webcams and tablet (xournal is affected by a 

Is there a reason you are running Intrepid and not Hardy, the LTS

Also try installing from scratch instead of doing an upgrade.

Erik de Castro Lopo
"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those
who don't have it." -- George Bernard Shaw

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