Cruft Remover (system-cleaner): testing help?

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Sat Nov 8 22:13:41 UTC 2008


I've made a version of Cruft Remover (binary packages system-cleaner and
system-cleaner-gtk) that fixes the worst problems, I hope.

  * Added Polish translation from Piotr Makowski. (Closes: LP# 290196)
  * The apt Packages list is now checked for sanity. (Closes: LP# 290024)
  * Icon is now shown in menu, and by the window manager. 
    (Closes: LP: #274714)
  * The current kernel will now never be considered cruft. 
    (Closes: LP# 285657)
  * Now asks user to confirm that they want to remove packages or remove
    other cruft. (Closes: LP# 285888)
  * Package short description is now shown in the user interface.
    (Closes: LP# 286394)
  * The GTK UI now shows column headers, so that it is clear what the
    tick column means. (No bug reported about this explicitly, but it
    has come up repeatedly.)
  * Support for whitelists in /etc/cruft-remover.d/*.whitelist added.
    See the cruft-remover(8) manual page for details. This can later be
    seeded with the most common third-party packages, until dpkg+apt
    get sufficient meta data to deal with this in a better way.
    (Does not quite close LP: #285746)

Because of an unfortunate mishap with version numbers earlier, I can't
upload this version to my PPA, but I have uploaded it to my personal

I'm asking for help with testing to verify that these bugs are, indeed,
fixed, and that there aren't any new problems introduced. Any help with
this would be appreciated.

Desipite the large and intrusive changes, I'm hoping that they'll be
accepted as an SRU, given the sorry state of the packages currently in
intrepid. But before I ask for an SRU, I would like to get some feedback
from other people that the fixes fix the problems for them, and not just
for me.

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