rename system-cleaner-gtk to cruft-remover-gtk

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Nov 3 16:01:18 UTC 2008

ma, 2008-11-03 kello 13:35 +0000, Matthew East kirjoitti:
> Heh, you took me a bit too literally there. I meant that the word
> should be removed from the application completely, but of course it
> would need to be replacd with another title. To be honest, I find the
> word "Remover" a bit awkward, as well. "Removal" would work better, I
> think.

A "something removal tool" might work, but I think I prefer the
"something remover" form. (I'm not so happy about "remover", since the
program does other things than just remove stuff.)

> I've searched through my list email to try to find the previous
> discussion about why the name needed to be changed, and what
> alternative names could be used, but I couldn't find it. I guess it
> was during a meeting.

It happend on IRC, actually, and unfortunately seems to have happened in
private, at a time when the reaction to the letter suggesting a
trademark clash was still being discussed with lawyers. That's why it
wasn't discussed in public. Then, when lawyers were done, and it was
time to upload the package with a new name, there was no time to have a
discussion, since the release was about to happen.

> "System Cleaner" is the obvious name of course. I find it incredibly
> dubious that a trademark could validly be enforced over a name which
> is made up of generic and descriptive terms.

I follow the legal advice I got, from a real lawyer, and that was clear:
change the name.

> Even if there is a valid trademark there, I'm sure an alternative name
> can be found with a bit of brainstorming. Just to kick things off:
> System Cleanup, Cleanup Your System, System Restore (is that a
> trademark too?), System Cleanser, System Janitor,
> {Unwanted/Unused/Obsolete} {Program/File} {Removal/Cleanup}

I'd prefer to avoid both the wors "system" and "clean", and derivations
just to be on the safe side. (This is my own conclusion, not based on
legal advice, but hey: why look for trouble?)

Janitor sounds like a good word. Computer Janitor gets a few thousand
hits on Google, so that's probably a bad combination. It'd be cool to
find something that gets at most a few hits.

(On my personal projects, I tend to resort to names based on Finnish.
This is almost certainly a bad idea for this program.)

> Some of those are pretty bad as well, but hopefully would be an
> improvement. My favourite would be "Obsolete File Removal".

Unfortunately, since the program does other things than just remove
files, and will do more of those things in the future, I don't think
that's a good name.

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