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On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 10:00:48PM +0000, (``-_-ยดยด) -- Fernando wrote:
> Due to some bug with kdepim and the way it corrupts its configuration on power
> failure (gnome-power manager wasn't hibernating my laptop on time, so I had to
> rebuild my Kmail configuration, accounts, transports, filters, folder tree
> proprieties, etc, 3 times, a real pain in the butt), I started using Bazaar to
> keep its settings just in case.
> It seemed so nice that I made 3 bzr repos: one for /etc (I guess a simpler
> version of etckeeper), one for hand selected conf files on $HOME, and one for
> an encFS crypt personal documents dir.
> Well, Olive-gtk can't really handle large amounts of documents on a branch,
> and there must be a memory leak somewhere on bzr add, because after adding
> some JPGs it starts eating all my RAM and SWAP (I have 4+8 GiBs). But then
> again bzr is not meant for binaries files, I guess.

You may want to bring your questions to the bzr mailing list.  I know there are
other people doing exactly what you are doing.  bzr is highly configurable.  The
bzr devs are also very helpful.  It is likely that bzr can do what you want, but
that some amount of configuration is necessary to get good performance given
what you are versioning.

Forest Bond
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