The new firefox start page looks a bit tricky when searching google

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Sat May 10 14:01:06 UTC 2008

Il giorno sab, 10/05/2008 alle 06.50 -0700, Dylan McCall ha scritto:

> > 5) there already is the search engine input field, and the focus is
> > shifted without conditions to the page field only after loading the
> > ubuntu page, which is rather irritating because you may already be
> > typing then. In default firefox setup, we seem to have a duplicate
> > functionality (the two search boxes) and, even worse, results
> > are /slightly/ different!
> Use a different browser, then :P
> You are right, it's a tad odd. I think an ideal fix would be for that
> to lead us to an Ubuntu-related search, but that could also fool /
> confuse people.

Why is it worth having control over search results? Does ubuntu alter
those in any way?

However, perhaps a wise thing is to write something like "ubuntu google
custom search" above the form. In any case I dislike the idea of having
a form in the default home page unless the page is local, because slow
network may lead to shift of focus while typing. I remember firefox 1
not having this behaviour (and I used to brag with my ie-users fellows -
but since then, something changed - I now don't know any ie-user anymore
- or maybe they're no longer my friends :) ).

And, to get back on the issue, perhaps the page could just be made


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