The new firefox start page looks a bit tricky when searching google

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sat May 10 13:50:44 UTC 2008

> 2) country seems to be set to "UK", which can explain (1) but I don't
> like this behaviour especially because it breaks usability for non-UK
> users and creates confusion

Oh, that is pretty ugly :o

> 4) the obtained page does not have the standard google look and feel (in
> particular there is no top bar with google images etc.)

The obtained page is actually a Google Custom Search. I think it's
ideal here since it gives us control over the results page. The only
problem is that it looks /too much/ like Google! I think it would be
quite nice to have it themed like the start page :)

> 5) there already is the search engine input field, and the focus is
> shifted without conditions to the page field only after loading the
> ubuntu page, which is rather irritating because you may already be
> typing then. In default firefox setup, we seem to have a duplicate
> functionality (the two search boxes) and, even worse, results
> are /slightly/ different!

Use a different browser, then :P
You are right, it's a tad odd. I think an ideal fix would be for that
to lead us to an Ubuntu-related search, but that could also fool /
confuse people.


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