False default font "Times" in OpenOffice.org

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 5 18:42:04 GMT 2008

Having "Nimbus Roman No 9 L" as the default results in the font included in the
document, when exporting to .ps or .pdf, making the result much bigger than it
should.  There should be a bug report for this as well.  We maybe can avoid the
inclusion of the font in the generated .ps or .pdf, but how well is this handled
by other programs. On the other hand we know that a font like "Times" is handled
well in OOo.

Maybe somebody could recheck this with 2.4, if we still need to set a default
font so that we do not get DejaVu as the default font for the document which is
worse than the current solution because this is a metric incompatible font to
the default font used on other platforms?


Milan schrieb:
> Almost a year ago, I reported an issue [1] that appeared in OO.o Witer
> in Feisty: the default font is set to "Times", which does not exist and
> actually acts as an alias for the former default "Nimbus Roman No 9 L"
> (this does not affect users that upgraded from Edgy and older).
> The problem is, people believe this font exists, but they cannot choose
> it from the fonts list when they want to use it. This is misleading and
> does not help to become familiar with Ubuntu's own and good fonts.
> This was introduced by a patch:
> openoffice.org (2.2.0-0ubuntu1) feisty
>   * Use Times/Helvetica as the default font for writer documents (calc and
>     impress still pick up the DejaVu screen font).
> by Matthias Klose (who does great work apart from that) on Thu, 29 Mar
> 2007. Debian does not use it, nor AFAIK does Fedora.
> I could not get more explanation of the rationale of this decision. OO.o
> automatically chooses the right font according to what is installed, so
> there's no need for hardcoding an alias. Substitution is only needed for
> e.g. "Times New Roman", and can be nicely used with the Liberation
> Fonts, but it is not needed for the default font.
> So I raise this point here hoping that some developers can
> explain/debate on this better (Matthias, more information?) since a bug
> report is not ideal for that.
> Cheers
> 1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/105906

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