False default font "Times" in OpenOffice.org

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Sat Mar 8 12:58:19 UTC 2008

Matthias Klose a écrit :
> Having "Nimbus Roman No 9 L" as the default results in the font included in the
> document, when exporting to .ps or .pdf, making the result much bigger than it
> should.  There should be a bug report for this as well.
Thanks for the clarification, I understand better why this was done.
> We maybe can avoid the
> inclusion of the font in the generated .ps or .pdf, but how well is this handled
> by other programs. On the other hand we know that a font like "Times" is handled
> well in OOo.
I don't understand what you mean here. Why Nimbus Roman No9 L should not
be well managed by PDF/PS readers? And Times is not a font, so why do
you say it is handled well in OO.o?

> Maybe somebody could recheck this with 2.4, if we still need to set a default
> font so that we do not get DejaVu as the default font for the document which is
> worse than the current solution because this is a metric incompatible font to
> the default font used on other platforms?
Upstream bug report seems to say that nothing has changed here: fonts
are always completely included in PDF/PS files. But when no default font
is set, Writer uses Nimbus Romand No9L and FreeSans, not DejaVu. These
fonts are quite similar to Windows Times New Roman. What is the real
issue here?

I don't really see the problem you want to tackle. If the "Times" alias
is only here to prevent OO.o from including fonts in the PDF/PS files,
this patch is quite an ugly hack - IMHO I'd better stand with this OO.o
bug, and not mess with it. People are not likely to use only the 2
default fonts: they will use other fonts, including Nimbus Roman No9 L,
and these will get included; moreover, a PDF using both "Times" and
Nimbus Roman No9 L at different places will look strange on Windows,
since Nimbus will still appear as under Linux, but "Times" will be
changed to Times New Roman, generating inconsistencies.

Isn't it sufficient to set aliases in psprint.conf, letting default
fonts clean?

These are my thoughts, sorry if I misunderstood your case


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