acpi-support, laptop-mode-tools, and hdparm: when will the madness end?

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Jun 29 20:33:42 UTC 2008

Op zaterdag 28-06-2008 om 15:22 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Forest
> I agree that it's reasonable to assume that users who go messing with /etc/*
> should be expected to know what they're doing.  However, just because advanced
> users can debug these kinds of problems doesn't mean that they should have to.
> It is a time consuming process, and users should be able to assume that the
> default configs are at least coherent and behave as advertised in comments, etc.

AFAIK the default config is that this "laptop-mode" is disabled...?

Jan Claeys

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