acpi-support, laptop-mode-tools, and hdparm: when will the madness end?

Markus Hitter mah at
Sat Jun 28 19:17:14 UTC 2008

Am 28.06.2008 um 20:21 schrieb Forest Bond:
> In the end, it was proclaimed that the problem is not Ubuntu's  
> fault, since the
> only software mechanism that sets overly aggressive APM settings  
> for hard drives
> is laptop-mode, which is disabled by default.

Consequently, laptop mode should be removed.

Especially for an end-user oriented distro like Ubuntu I consider it  
as rarther snobbish to throw responsibility for bad behaviour back to  
the user. Never ever Ubuntu should clearly over-exercise something.  
Except, perhaps, for explicit test cases.

> I don't think that it means that simply enabling laptop-mode should  
> indicate that the user has given permission to the OS to trash his  
> hard drive.



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