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On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 7:43 PM, Darren Albers <dalbers at> wrote:

> Since F-Spot is installed by default Mono is now part of the base
> install.  So outside of all the debate around Mono, have we considered
> installing Banshee as the default media player in Intrepid now that
> Banshee 1.0 is released?
> There are a couple of positives to using Banshee by default over Rhythmbox:
> 1) Complete iPod support (Rythmbox only supports reading from iPods)
> 2) Large support for reading and writing from various media players.
> 3) Integration with Brasero for burning audio disks
> 4) Can rip audio from CD's
> 5) Built-in support for
> Downsides:
> 1) Seems to have more dependencies than Rythmbox
> 2) To have the iPod support we need Podsleuth.
> 3) Banshee uses up around twice as much memory as Rythmbox: 45 megs to
> 23 megs on my system.
> 4) Rythmbox has more out of the box streaming audio sites.
> If we use Banshee we can get rid of Sound Juicer and gain iPod support
> out of the box.   If we use Banshee we can say to people: "Yes, your
> iPod or other digital music player will work out of the box.  Just
> plug it in and go."
> I know this will trigger a huge debate on Mono but that really is
> off-topic since the decision to use F-Spot in Hardy brought Mono in.
> If there is some positive feedback to this I can write up a spec on
> launchpad.
> Thanks!
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All I'm going to add is, I just noticed I can remove rhythmbox without
taking out ubuntu-desktop in the process - thank you! And sound juicer too
\o/ What a happy day.
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