making deals with M$

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sun Jun 8 00:08:37 UTC 2008

It concerns me only that Canonical would think WMV support was
important enough to bother with in this day and age.

The thing with Novell is that they have proven themselves to be wrong
headed when it comes to FOSS. It makes them dangerous and their mono
and silverlight developments are proofs of the pudding minds.

Contrast however that with canonical, even if they did a deal with
Microsoft (which I'd like to see) I can't yet think that their
attitude to FOSS is wrong. They know how it works and why it's
important. Even if they get stung with this deal the rest of their
developments should be safe.

Besides I've been asking for ages for patents to be nullified,
DMCA/EUCD to be questioned in court to wit decss and for wmv support
to be rewritten into a foss library (i.e. ffmpeg). We can't keep on
using windows dlls for our codecs, it's not right(legal in any
country) and it's not how we're supposed to do things here.
Fortunately while there are those of us bemoaning the codec problem,
there are still those of us trying to solve it.

Regards, Martin Owens

2008/6/7 Remco <remco47 at>:
> And just for kicks they annoy their primary user base by providing the
> video in MP4 format. Real classy, Canonical.
> Remco
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