usplash and alternate resolutions

Jan Claeys lists at
Wed Jul 23 03:06:39 UTC 2008

Op dinsdag 22-07-2008 om 22:10 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Oliver
> it would be awesome to have usplash doing more than it does now and
> would surely be appreciated by all of us if you sent a patch, just make
> sure that it doesnt break on the arches it runs on now (usplash
> supporting ppc, amd64 as well as i386 and not break resume was the
> initial reason to actually write it, else we could use something like
> splashy which is i386 only ... changing the code in a way that keeps it
> working on all arches it currently ´╗┐supports and not break
> suspend/resume alongside makes code changes in it so painful)

The main problem is probably changing video modes.  Maybe the new
kernel-based modesetting in recent drivers might help here though?

Jan Claeys

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